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True Story

Nothing can express the real power of Printed Roses more than the personal experiences that our customers share with us. Here’s a story that will give you a true perspective of the impact that Printed Roses UK can and do have on those who receive them.

A gentleman who wanted to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary with his wife called our office to order a special bouquet. It was to be 25 long-stem red roses in a deluxe arrangement, each personalised with a different message or picture. Because of the special requirements of the arrangement, the roses were going to cost the man around £600.00. Some may have felt this was too much to spend, but when he was quoted the price he gladly agreed to do the deal. The flowers were prepared, turned out beautifully, and were shipped off.

Sometime later, our office received a phone call from this same customer, only this time he was rather upset. Did the flowers not meet his expectations? Did they not arrive on time?   Were they somehow not what he had expected?  No-one could imagine the words they were about to hear from this customer’s mouth.

It seems that the flower arrangement was to be given to this man’s wife in addition to a much larger gift – a £5 million yacht. The roses had been placed carefully inside the yacht, expressing the 25 years of love that had made this man want to spend such a large amount of money on an anniversary gift.

Unfortunately, the reaction that the wife had over the gift of a yacht was nothing compared to what she had to say about the flowers. As soon as she realised that each rose spoke of a special memory or event in their past 25 years, she was in tears. Each rose and its message had to be inspected individually and commented on, making it impossible for her to give much attention at all to the gift of a £5 million yacht!

The husband was upset because he could have saved millions of pounds and simply given his wife the Printed Roses!  Nothing she said about the yacht could even slightly compare to her response to the heartfelt emotion and meaning behind the roses and their special imprints. If only we could have explained to him the impact that these printed roses have on people, he would be a lot richer!   It’s always good to find out ways that we can improve our service to our customers!